Flats to Rent – Ten Reasons to Live in Kettering

If you are relocating to Kettering and looking for flats to rent, there are a number of advantages to basing yourself in the town. Among the many reasons why Kettering is an attractive place to live is that it has some excellent schools, has easy access to London, and has expanding business and employment opportunities. Ashan Property, a letting agency with a range of houses and flats to rent in Kettering, has compiled a list of ten reasons why the town is such an appealing place to live:

1. Central Location
Kettering is centrally located in England, and benefits from a fast rail link to St Pancras International Railway Station: the journey time takes one hour, with trains every 30 minutes. For those working in Birmingham, the commute by rail takes roughly one hour 46 minutes (longer on some routes), changing at Leicester Railway Station.

In addition to this, the town has some excellent road links: the A14, which surrounds the west and south of the town, links to the A45, M6 and M1 to London and the North. Motorists can reach Northampton via the A43 and Wellingborough via the A509. These superb transport links helps promote business investment and employment opportunities and attracts logistically based companies.

2. Employment Opportunities
If you are relocating to Kettering and are looking for rental properties, the good news is the town has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the UK, with more than 80 per cent of adults in full-time posts. It has some major employers including Kettering General Hospital, and Tresham College.

In addition to this, Kettering has been named ‘an emerging centre of business location and expansion,’ according to the Live in Kettering website. This is partly to do with its strategic location, transport links, and educational and training opportunities. Kettering Business Park is an expanding 30 acre site, which is home to several large distribution warehouses and offices.

3. International Links
Kettering connects with St Pancras International by rail, and the town is also within easy reach of four airports which are all within a 55 minute drive. This includes Luton Airport, East Midlands Airport, Cambridge, and Birmingham Airports, all of which have domestic and international flights.

4. Educational Opportunities
If you are looking for family homes to rent, or are considering widening your educational opportunities, Kettering is a great base. It has a number of schools with a ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ overall Ofsted report, and in addition to this, Tresham College offers A Level and degree courses, as well as many vocational opportunities. This allows local youngsters to develop skills and qualifications without incurring the expense of having to move away from the town.

5. A Town of Growth
Shortly after the turn of the 20th century Kettering, together with Corby, was declared the ‘fastest growing place in England and Wales’. There is plenty of opportunity for investment, and Kettering Business Park will offer further business and employment prospects. In 2007 a project was revealed to open up new leisure and shopping facilities in the town centre, making it even more attractive to shoppers.

6. Shopping Facilities
Kettering has some excellent shopping opportunities, including boutiques, independent stores and high street brands. The Newlands Shopping Centre, which is based right in the town centre (a 10 minute walk from the railway station and behind the bus station), was built in the 70s, expanded in 1990 and 2001, and has 45 shops including Boots and the department store TJ Hughes.

7. Village Life
If you are moving to rental accommodation in Kettering, but like to get away from the hustle and bustle of town life, there are a number of picturesque villages very close to the town including Barton Seagrave, Warkton, Thorpe Malsor and Geddington. These offer a taste of country living, while still enjoying the benefits of the town close by.

8. Low Cost Housing
The cost of buying a house and paying council tax in Kettering are well below the national average, but the town’s ongoing growth (there are 5,500 new homes being built to the east of Kettering) means that buying here is likely to be a good investment. If you are intending to buy a property in Kettering to settle here permanently, renting first is a good way to get to know the town and the surrounding area, while you start to look round for property.

9. Heritage
Kettering was originally an ancient market town which gained its market charter in 1227. It has several local landmarks in the area including Boughton House, which is one of Britain’s most impressive stately homes. The quirky 1597 built Rushton Triangular Lodge, which is designed in a way to represent the Holy Trinity, is another landmark, as is the Queen Eleanor Cross in the village of Geddington. This site marks the final journey of Eleanor of Castile from Nottinghamshire to her tomb in Westminster Abbey.

10. Countryside Activities
Kettering is close to many countryside attractions and amenities. It has a plethora of walking opportunities, from picturesque one mile walks, to the 19 mile Thrapston walk. Among the local woodlands to explore are Weekley Hall Wood, Boughton Park (the grounds of the 18th century Boughton House), Old Head Wood, and Grafton Park Wood. And, it has plenty of sites for fishing including Cransley Reservoir and Thorpe Malsor Reservoir.

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