5 Top Tips to Make Rooms to Rent Feel Like Home

Putting a little time and imagination into making your rented room feel like home can completely transform the way you enjoy the space. Just a few small touches can help your new room to feel warm, welcoming and cosy, giving you a home you can really enjoy.


At Ashan Property, we always have a great selection of rooms to rent in Kettering, both furnished and part-furnished, so we can help you to find exactly what you are looking for. Once you move in, here are five top tips for how you can turn your new space into a home.


Go Green


There’s nothing like a bit of greenery to make a rented room feel homely. Investing in a few flowers, succulents or cacti will help to brighten up your new room and will give you a design feature that changes and evolves over time. If you want something practical as well as beautiful, you could invest in a window box and grow herbs like mint, chives, thyme and rosemary.


Invest in Wall Art


Hanging a few framed prints or photos on your walls will help you to stamp your personality on the room and give it some colour. The types of prints, photos and posters you choose will of course depend on your personal taste, and there are all kinds of possibilities. Vintage cinema stills, old photos of Kettering through the ages, classic adverts or colourful abstracts can all work well, depending on the look and feel of your room.  It’s important to check with your landlord that it’s OK to use hooks, screws and other fixings before you set about hanging your pictures.


Shed Some Light with Lamps


Lamps can often feel cosier and more stylish than bright ceiling lights. To enjoy evenings in your room through the year, it’s well worth investing in a lamp or two, so that you can create mood lighting and make the space look stylish and welcoming. Or you could just ring the changes by trying out a different shade for an existing lamp. There are many different colours and designs to choose from. Treating yourself to a floor lamp as well as a table lamp will add height and variety to your lighting design.


Luxury Bedding


A warm, soft and comfortable bed can really make your room feel welcoming when you return in the evening. Great ways to personalise your bed include choosing a striking duvet cover and adding funky cushions and throws. Bright, colourful covers will add a splash of style to your room and make your bed into a real feature.  You could even make a patchwork quilt for a unique finishing touch, or persuade a talented friend or relation to make one for you.


Create Different Areas


If you have the space, try to create a few separate areas in your new room. A desk and chair will give you somewhere to work, while a comfortable seat or small sofa will give you somewhere to relax. An uncluttered stretch of floor will provide you with the perfect place for yoga, exercising and relaxation.


Of course, when you are choosing between rooms to rent, you won’t just be thinking about your own room, but also about the property as a whole. As experienced letting agents in Kettering, we offer a wide range of rooms with good communal facilities.


These can include kitchens, living rooms and gardens. Another modern home comfort which many properties offer is internet access (broadband or wi-fi) included in your rent. Ashan Property also has a great choice of rooms to let in Corby. To see our current selection of properties to let, follow the link above.