A Practical Guide to Moving Home


Are you planning to move home in the near future? Of course, the first step is to find somewhere you’d like to live. If you are looking for houses or flats to rent in Kettering, our friendly team at Ashan Property can help you to find a perfect base which fits all your priorities, whether you want to be close to your workplace, shops or community facilities.

Once you have arranged to rent a property, you will need to start organising your move. Many people find this a stressful time, but if you plan carefully ahead it is possible to take a lot of the strain out of the process. Here are some top tips for ensuring your eagerly-awaited `move to your new home goes smoothly.

  1. Have a Clearout – Moving home is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all the things which have somehow landed up in the loft, garage or junk room. After all, there’s no point in paying to move broken or outdated items you never use anyway. Recycling wherever possible, and donating usable items to charity shops, can help to clear the decks. A move is also a good opportunity to run down your freezer and eat up its contents before you have to empty it for the move.
  2. Book Your Movers – If you are using a removals company, it is a good idea to book them far enough ahead, as they can be in demand, especially at popular times of year. Prices and services can differ, so it is advisable to get quotes from a few firms before deciding and also to ask around for personal recommendations. You can get boxes and other packing materials from your chosen firm to help prepare for the move.
  3. Label Boxes – This might sound like an obvious tip, but when you are busy packing it is all too easy to forget to write on every box. Unfortunately, it is hard to remember exactly what is in each carton, and you can end up being unsure which box should go where! The answer is to take the time to label all boxes clearly, stating which room they should go in and what the most important items are inside.
  4. Pack a Box of Essential Items – On the day of your move, it is a good idea to keep to one side a box of the items you will need right away, so you know to unpack it first. This could include things like your kettle and mugs for a cup of tea as soon as you move in, as well as spare lightbulbs and loo roll. If you are travelling by car, it’s a good idea to take this box with you so you have it instantly to hand rather than putting it in the removal van. Keeping personal documents and cash with you is another helpful tip.
  5. Arrange to Have Your Post Redirected – Remember to do this far enough ahead, as normally five working days are needed. You can usually arrange this online, but in some cases it will be necessary to apply by mail or at a post office, for instance if your household has more than 8 people. Having post redirected can help to protect you against the risk of identity fraud, for instance if correspondence from a bank or credit card company including personal details arrives at your former home.
  6. Book Pets into a Kennels or Cattery – Moving home can be traumatic for family pets and they will often end up getting under your feet, so it can be very helpful to be without them for a few days! There are a number of quality kennels and catteries in the Kettering and Northamptonshire area which will be happy to give your best friends a mini-holiday while you settle in.
  7. Inform Everyone Who Needs to Know – Once you have found flats to rent in Kettering, there are a lot of people and organisations who need to be informed that you are moving to a new home. It is not just your family and friends who need to know, but also councils, utility suppliers, healthcare providers and the DVLA. Forgetting to tell them and update the details on your driving licence is an offence.
  8. Find Out About Your New Area – To help you settle into your new neighbourhood quickly, try to find out as much as possible about where you will be living before you move in. This includes everything from checking out schools for your kids to finding out where your nearest supermarket and other shops will be and which doctors and dentists have space on their lists. Reading the local press and checking out social media can point you in the right direction!

If you are preparing to move to Kettering, Desborough or Corby, Ashan Property are professional letting agents based locally who can help you to find your perfect home. Click the link above to contact us.