Eight Top Tips to Make Your Home Cosy for Christmas

Everyone wants to make sure their home is cosy and welcoming over the Christmas period. If you’re just moving into a new home during December, whether it is a house to rent in Kettering or a flat in the area, there are many ways to give it a festive touch.

Cosiness is very much in the spotlight this Christmas because of the fashion for “hygge”. This is a Danish tradition that typically coincides with the winter months and Christmas, which has recently caught on in the UK too. This stems from the need to fight back the dark winters in Denmark, ushering in a warm, friendly and festive atmosphere to combat the cold days and long nights.

Our team of letting agents at Ashan Property are always keen to help you find your perfect home. Here are some top tips we’ve put together to make your house or flat inviting for your guests over Christmas.


  1. Layer on the Cushions and Throws – Making rooms and furniture look more inviting and appealing, some added layers of luxurious fabric can really transform the feel of your home. The addition of big comfy cushions and soft, fluffy throws will turn any room in your house into the perfect place for snuggling up on those cold winter nights.
  2. Shed Some Light – Fairy lights aren’t just for the Christmas tree. Using them around windows and mirrors or over a mantelpiece helps to give a touch of magic and makes everything look very festive. Another option is making use of table lamps, and by using softer toned bulbs this will allow you to create a warm glow and ambience within your home.
  3. Festive Fragrance – Getting that seasonal scent is a key component of creating a warm and inviting essence for your home. Whether it’s the smell of pine from the Christmas tree or fruity mulled wine, the scents of Christmas are always wonderful. Look to make use of pine cones and cinnamon sticks to get that festive feel. Another tip is to consider scented oils and candles, which can create distinctive inviting smells and add an extra layer with their warm glow.
  4. Line Your Curtains – Making full use of curtains in your home can be one of the main ways to help make sure your house remains warm during winter. The thicker they are, the less heat is likely to escape. You can buy curtains with a thermal lining, but if you don’t want to invest in brand new curtains, an alternative is to thicken up existing ones with a new lining. Whilst curtains will keep the heat in during the evening, remember to open them to let the sunlight and natural heat in during the daytime.
  5. Keep in the Heat – A great way to make your home cosier is to minimise the heat lost during winter. There are lots of places like open fireplaces, letterboxes and cat flaps where heat can escape from your home and these can also cause draughts. Draught excluders can be bought or you can get creative and make some DIY ones of your own. Shutting doors and windows in rooms that aren’t being used can also help make sure cold air doesn’t get into the rest of the house.
  6. Stock Up on Warming Treats – Why not get the house stocked up on winter warmers for when you get home out of the cold? Hot chocolate with marshmallows just after getting home, hot soups and mulled wine are all perfect for warming you up on a cold winter day. Christmas cookies and gingerbread are also great fun to make and can be enjoyed on their own, or with the hot chocolate!
  7. Rugs – A strategically-placed rug can make any floor warm to touch and means you won’t dread taking that first step in the morning. Put these by the bed for a cosier awakening, by the front door for when you have just come in out of the cold or in any room where there may be exposed floorboards.
  8. Christmas Decorations – No festive home is complete without seasonal decorations. You may choose to go the traditional route with a wreath on the front door and placing mistletoe around the house. Or you can put Christmas lights up outside your house, and decorate your interior with pine cones and holly. Another way to add a little bit of extra charm is to decorate your table with Santa and reindeer napkins or fun Christmas themed mugs and glasses.

If you have found a house to rent and are moving in for Christmas, adding some of these touches can ensure that it will keep its warm and welcoming atmosphere into the New Year and beyond.

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