Everyone likes to go on holiday, and tenants and landlords are no exception. However, criminals often take this opportunity to strike, with most domestic burglaries taking place while properties are unoccupied.

Ashan Property is one of the leading letting agencies in Northamptonshire, with a wide selection of rooms to rent in Kettering and Corby. Here are a few simple steps you can take to make sure that you can go on holiday and not worry about home security.

Let your Landlord or Letting Agency Know…

You should always tell your landlord when you will be going on holiday, and when you will be returning, so they can take any additional security precautions. If you are living in a rented room in a shared house, let your housemates know.

Before you go away, make sure any blinds are left at an angle, and that curtains are left partially closed so unwanted visitors are discouraged from looking in. Keep all valuables out of sight of the window.

Don’t forget the winter months either, as many people like to see family or friends at Christmas. You can safely turn the heat off, and you may be able to leave lights on without arousing suspicion. And if it is summer or winter, don’t forget to cancel any deliveries such as milk or newspapers.

…and the Neighbours

Remember your neighbours are there on the spot, so it is well worth striking up a good relationship with them. They may be happy to keep an eye on your house while you are away. If you ask them nicely, they could put your bins out and, if you have one, keep your garden in order. Mowing the lawn and watering the plants will create the impression that there is still someone at home.

In you are worried about post, ask them to keep an eye on any build-up of mail. They may be able to sign for and keep large parcels for you, as well as making sure any letters are pushed well inside the letterbox.

Fit Timers

Another way of making the house appear occupied, even if it isn’t, is to use timers for items like radios and internal lights. If necessary, speak to your landlord about buying these. Remember it gets darker sooner in the winter months, so you will need to adjust the settings compared to summer.

Be Social Media-Savvy

Tenants – and landlords – should be aware of the perils of posting too much information on social media while on holiday. So don’t post pictures of yourself sunbathing on a beach in the Maldives, for example, as would-be burglars are more than capable of working out where you live.

Cyber security experts have also warned that hackers may be able to pinpoint your address to within a few feet if you leave devices such as Google Home Speakers on while you are on holiday. Switch them off!

Rooms to Rent with Ashan Property

Ashan Property are one of the most reputable letting agencies in Northamptonshire, who represent landlords and tenants. We pride ourselves on being able to match high-quality tenants with the right property.

Our services for people looking for a property to let include preparation of all the contracts and paperwork, a 24-hour helpline, and any maintenance issues will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

We also take all the stress out of renting for landlords too – we will find you a high-quality, trustworthy tenant. We will take care of any management and maintenance issues, such as safety and regulatory compliance, and our services are offered on a no-let no-fee basis. Removing all these day-to-day hassles will be a load off your mind, so you too can go on holiday secure in the knowledge that your property is being well looked after

If you are looking for rooms to rent in Kettering or Corby, then Ashan Property are the people to contact. We also have properties to rent in neighbouring towns and villages, including Rothwell, Desborough and Burton Latimer.

To see our latest range of homes for rent, click here. If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t worry. Contact us on 01536 410450 and let us know your exact requirements, we will do our utmost to find the perfect rental property for you.