Five Major Employers in Kettering

Kettering is fast becoming a favoured place to live, with many people using Ashan Property as their letting agents for properties in Kettering or further afield. The town is home to a number of big employers, with businesses ranging from the food industry to healthcare.

Here, Ashan Property puts the spotlight on five of the town’s major employers.

Kettering General Hospital

Kettering General Hospital is one of the largest employers in the area, with a workforce of more than 3,000 who provide a range of services to around 330,000 people across North Northamptonshire, South Leicestershire and Rutland. Founded in 1897, the hospital has a superb reputation and some excellent facilities including the fairly recent £30 million Foundation Ward, with an intensive care unit and cardiac care ward. Over the past five years it has made significant developments to its services, and it continues to make further improvements for the benefit of its patients. We have a number of properties in the area for those in the medical field moving to Kettering.


Weetabix, one of the best known breakfast cereal companies, has a 75 acre site in Kettering. Three billion Weetabix breakfast biscuits a year are produced just from this site alone, with over 2,000 people working there. Weetabix has factories in Europe and North America, and is the largest producer of cereal in the UK. This major brand was originally invented in Australia in the 1920s, where it was called Weet-Bix. However, after it came across to the UK in 1936 it began to be known as Weetabix.

Wickstead Park

Wickstead Park is a Grade II listed amusement park which was founded in 1921, and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Jobs are varied and range from face painters, to cleaning staff, bar attendants and catering managers. Many of the jobs attract seasonal workers, although there are permanent jobs available here too. And, it’s ideal for those who are committed to customer service and would be proud to work for England’s second oldest theme park.

Pegasus Software

Established in Kettering, Pegasus Software is a company that has been developing accounting and financial management software since 1981. Here, they work as a close knit team chosen for their skills, talents and dedication to customer service. It is the fastest growing enterprise software company in the world, with headquarters in Atlanta, USA, and offices in 41 countries. Their annual revenue totals $2.1 billion and, as this figure is constantly rising, it is most definitely a company worth working for.

RS Components

Based just outside of Kettering, RS Components is a global distributor for engineers, with operations all over the world. And, as 59% of the business is delivered online, huge career opportunities are available. From marketing to strategy, finance, IT, and sales, there are endless opportunities with RS Components. The company has a very moral culture, where staff are cared for, making it a valuable company to work for.

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