Why Choose Kettering?

Kettering is the perfect place for commuters to settle, as it’s within easy reach of cities such as Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Peterborough, Cambridge and London. Here, Ashan Property highlights some of the best things about Kettering, and why you should move here using our letting agents to help.

House prices

House prices in Kettering are reasonably low considering its close proximity to London, and with property rents averaging £607 per month, you can get much more for your money here than you could in many of the surrounding areas. As compared to London, with an overall average letting price of £1,500 per month, this is a bargain not to be missed. This is ideal for large families looking to relocate, as each member of the family will have access to much more space than what may be available and affordable in other areas of the country.

Commercial premises

Within Kettering, many of the commercial premises are very much affordable with prices that are on average 35% less than you would expect to pay in London, and 25% less than suburban locations in the South East. This is very useful for businesses that need to be close to London, with easy access to the city without the high prices of working there. Due to Kettering’s central location, and ease of access, many national and international firms have their main facilities based here, from which they serve the rest of the UK.


Kettering is just an hour away by train from London St Pancras, which is one of the biggest selling points for people considering moving to the area. This is good news for business owners needing to arrange meetings in the city, and it is also ideal for those who need to commute to London daily. A sixty minute rail journey means you will be back home much earlier and faster after a long day’s work then you would be in many other locations in the UK. If you are looking to relocate either your home and/or your business to Kettering, this can be very valuable.


With over 93,500 inhabitants, Kettering is a lively place to live with plenty of people to meet on your day to day travels. This is again vital to businesses, who can benefit from the transactions of the large population. For small start-up businesses in retail, or even larger ones, this is the perfect place to move to, with only a small handful of retail shops and a growing population, competition is significantly reduced here. The population is expected to grow by 25% in the relatively short-term future, due to the easy commute to London, which will further build and expand the town’s atmosphere.

Earnings and Employment

According to Kettering Borough Council, the average pay in Kettering is just over £25,000, with 67% of adults in paid employment. There are a huge range of jobs available here, with most jobs being in retail, which employs 19.4% of the population. Second in the rankings is the manufacturing sector, which employs 13.7% and third is the health sector, which employs 13.9% of the population. Kettering General Hospital employs more than 2,000 staff members and still rapidly growing.

About Ashan Property

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