The Advantages of Renting a Room or House

Are you on the move, but can’t decide whether to rent or buy a home? Northamptonshire letting agents Ashan Property specialise in rooms to let in Corby and Kettering, as well as houses and flats to rent across the area. Here we look at five of the key advantages of renting a home.

Financial Benefits
If you decide to rent, although you will need to come up with a deposit, this will be smaller than that needed for a house purchase. If you are sharing a whole home then the cost per person may come down. This is particularly true if you can some to an agreement to split the costs of items such as shopping and cleaning.

Many other expenses will be taken care of once you are inside your rented property. As a tenant, you are not usually responsible for any repairs and maintenance which might become necessary. As letting agents, at Ashan Property we arrange for trusted contractors to take care of all maintenance issues quickly. Our comprehensive service also covers many other aspects of rental agreements, including ensuring safety compliance and arranging utility changeovers.

A Wide Choice
Because buying your own home can be so expensive, it might mean you have to settle for something less than you had hoped for. This is not the case with the modern rental market, where there is such a wide variety of properties available to let in different price brackets. These include individual rooms to let as well as houses and flats, so you might be able to move to a more attractive or convenient area.

In Kettering, there is a good mix of modern housing developments plus plenty of Edwardian and Victorian homes. These were typically built for footwear factory owners and their employees and can be quite spacious. At Ashan, we always have an extensive range of properties on our books, including a good mixture of rooms to let in both Kettering and Corby.

Moving Around
Renting a home might suit many people’s individual circumstances. For instance, if you have a job which requires that you move around the country a lot, or are on a fixed-term employment contract, then renting a home with a lease of an appropriate length would be much better than going through the process of buying and selling a property, which can be quite lengthy and time-consuming.

Similarly, if you are a student, then you will need to rent a property during the length of the college or university term.

A Taste of Independence
Rented rooms or homes can give younger people in particular the chance to live away from home for the first time. Although you will not be responsible for the fabric of the building, you will have the responsibility of living to a budget and sorting out domestic chores.

Opting to rent can also act as an ideal testing-ground for any relationship with a partner or friends. Being able to give notice on a rented property means it can be much easier to start again if things do not work out.

A Good Social Life
The financial benefits involved should mean you have the time and the money to enjoy a good social life. If you are new to the area, and are renting a room in a shared house, then you have the chance to build friendships with the other tenants who may know more about the area than you do. This means they will be able to tell you about the nightlife and the best shops and restaurants.

Ashan Property (link: can offer a wide selection of rooms to let in Kettering and Corby. We also have properties to rent in both those towns and also in Wellingborough, Desborough and Burton Latimer and many other towns and villages in Northamptonshire.

Follow the link above if you would like to see the range of properties we currently have on our books. If you cannot see what you are looking for there, contact us and we will be able to help you find your ideal rental home.