Ten Top Tips on Settling into Your New Town

Are you looking for your ideal rooms to rent in Kettering? Whether you are moving into the area or relocating to a different part of the town, our team at Ashan Property can help you find your dream home.

Meanwhile, if you have taken up a new job post and are not very familiar with Kettering, you might feel overwhelmed at first. However, relocating to a new town isn’t as daunting as it seems. In just a few steps you can easily familiarise yourself with the area and make new friends. To help you, here’s Ashan Property letting agent’s ten point guide for renters settling into life in Kettering.


  1. Find the Easiest Route to and from Your Workplace – This may seem obvious, but you will be surprised how many newcomers get caught out on the first day. If you have a few free days before you start your new job, practice your car journey/walking route and time how long it takes. After all, you want to make the right impression. If you are taking the bus, it goes without saying to check the timetables well in advance. Always aim for one of the earlier buses so if you miss it, you can take the next one. If you are moving house with younger children, the same applies for the school run.
  2. Check out the Shops Nearby – Once you have got your work route sussed out, the next step is to find out what amenities are close to your new home. This is essential, particularly if your refrigerator is empty, you don’t have a car and you need to buy something at short notice. Our letting agents are happy to give you a brief summary of the facilities in your area, but it is still worth taking a stroll around your neighbourhood to find out what’s within easy walking distance.
  3. Research Where the Nearest Supermarket Is – Another essential, once we have found your perfect room to rent in Kettering, is to find out where your nearest supermarket of choice is. Of course, this won’t necessarily be within walking distance, especially if you live out in the country. If your preferred supermarket is quite a distance from your home, you can get round this by ordering your groceries online.
  4. 4. Pinpoint Your Local Gym – Gym workouts are not for everyone, but if you like to wind down with a gym session, it is worth checking out the facilities in your local area. Ask about monthly subscription and sign up fees, as gym membership can be costly. If you are dedicated to workouts, you may want to forfeit convenience and opt for a cheaper gym instead. For those who prefer to go for a run, or train outside, you might want to ask us about nearest parks to your new home.
  5. Get the Word Out on Social Media – Put the word out to your Facebook friends to let them know you have moved, and ask if they know anyone from Kettering they can put you in touch with. You never know, they may well have a friend or relative in the area who is willing to show you around.
  6. Chat to the Locals – If you don’t know anyone in advance, don’t worry as you will still find plenty of opportunity to make connections. Spark a conversation with your work colleagues, hairdresser, cashier or taxi driver, they are likely to know the area well so can give you excellent feedback on the best places to go.
  7. Get Out and About – It is worth taking a drive around or walking into town with no particular destination in mind. That way you can stumble across some real gems such as amazing coffee shops, tearooms, or live music venues. Only by getting out and about can you find what Kettering really has to offer.
  8. Read the Local Press – The Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph and the Rockingham News are packed full of events and ideas for days out. Here you can find out all sorts of things of interest in Kettering such as what’s on at the theatre, cinema showing times, fitness and social groups, farmers’ markets, vintage sales, live music events and festivals. You’ll never be short of things to do at weekends!
  9. Join a Club – Whether you have a passion for art, health, yoga, travel, learning a new language, cooking, public speaking or wine tasting, there is bound to be a club to suit your interest. Joining a club is one of the best ways to make new friends as you’ll be in a room full of like-minded people. It is worth visiting your local library or researching online to see some of the hundreds of clubs available in Kettering.
  10. Do Some Volunteering – If you think you can fit this in around your job, it might be worth thinking about volunteering for a few hours a week. This is a great way to meet new friends and can be very rewarding too. So do something that you are interested in, whether it is being a marshal at a festival, working in a charity shop, or refereeing for a local football team.

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