The Advantages of Using a Letting Agent


If you are thinking of renting out a house or room, or are looking for a property to live in, then a letting agent is one of the first people you should think of approaching.

Ashan Property, who offer rooms to rent in Kettering and Corby, as well as properties to rent in nearby Rothwell, Desborough and Wellingborough, outline a few of the key advantages of property agencies for both landlords and tenants.

Advantages for the Tenant

When you’re looking for a room, flat or house to rent, a letting agency will have lots of different properties in one place, saving you time in your search. This also means you won’t have to rely on traditional methods, such as newspaper adverts or online listings sites.

Local lettings agents are usually just that – local. So, they will often have an expert knowledge of the area. Lettings agents can guide you through any legal issues and clearly explain what your rights and responsibilities are, as well as showing you how everything works in the property before or immediately after you have moved in.

They will also be able to give you full explanations of all the paperwork you may have to sign, as well as provide you with a tailored tenancy agreement suitable for your particular circumstances. Although primarily acting for a client, usually the landlord, a lettings agency also has a duty of care to treat everyone involved in the renting fairly and with courtesy.

Advantages for the Landlord

If you are thinking of letting your room, flat or house, a letting agent will help you get your property ready for renting out – they know what minimum standards will need to be met, and also what you need to do to make it more attractive to prospective tenants.

Letting agents have some legal expertise if there is ever a problem with a tenant; for example, with late payment. They can also fill out all the relevant forms, including inventories, as well as giving suitable advice about insurance and tax.

Letting agents also have a solid network of contacts and tradesmen to quickly and efficiently fix any problems that might arise with a building, such as a problem with any utilities.

By choosing professional letting agents like Ashan Property, they can match the right tenant to the right sort of property. This will save landlords a lot of time when it comes to filling vacant properties. Agents also take responsibility for showing prospective tenants round properties, which means the landlords don’t have to spend any time vetting tenants themselves. This offers a great deal of peace of mind for landlords.

Ashan Property – Experienced Letting Agents

Ashan Property have a fully-vetted tenants’ list that we use whenever filling a vacant property. Our letting agent services are offered on a no-let/no-fee basis and we have a 24-hour helpline for both landlords and tenants.

We ensure that all the paperwork – for the tenant and the landlord – is taken care of, giving both parties peace of mind. We arrange accompanied viewings for prospective tenants, who we will only show around suitable properties.

Ashan Property have an excellent reputation, reflected in the wide variety of rooms to let they can offer in Kettering and Corby. We also have a wide selection of properties to rent in the surrounding area, including in Burton Latimer, Little Stanion and Thrapston. If you would like to see our current range of properties, click here.