Giving Your Home That Festive Feel

Giving Your Home That Festive Feel

If you have just moved into a new rented room ahead of Christmas, there are plenty of simple things you can do to celebrate the holiday period, in ways which suit your space, your budget and your personal taste.

At Ashan Property, we have a wide variety of rooms to rent in Kettering, a town which has really been getting into the festive spirit. It is celebrating the season with events including a big Christmas lights switch-on, a visit from Father Christmas, late-night shopping and a festive market.

Here are our top tips for making sure your new home reflects the Christmas spirit.

Do Something Different With Your Tree

You need not have a large traditional tree unless you want to. Artificial ones come in all shapes and sizes, looking much more natural than in years gone by and you won’t need to worry about hoovering up pine needles once the holiday season is over. If you still prefer a real tree, you could decorate it with your own home-made decorations. Put presents around it to make it feel like Christmas Day has arrived, or wrap up empty shoeboxes if you want to keep your purchases a secret.

Clippings taken from Christmas tree branches can be used to add to your home’s festive appearance. You can put them on dining room tables, hang them from the ceiling in an eye-catching display, or plant them in a vase. Pine cones decorated with stars on top make for the ultimate miniature tree.

Make Full Use of Your Windows

Windows can be the perfect showcase for your artistic talents over the festive period, as ornaments and wreaths can be displayed either on the window itself or on the sill. White lights hung from the ceiling or around the window’s border can create a festive landscape, especially if you make your own handmade snowflakes and hang them from the wires.

You can also create an internal window display with a stand-alone frame. Add some ribbons or string so you can attach your ornaments and decorations then suspend the whole creation from the ceiling.

Scents and Smells

Small cinnamon sticks are a space-saving way of conjuring up the smells of Christmas. Scented oils and candles will also help create a festive feel and will also help keep your home warm in the colder winter months. These days you can buy candles which create all kinds of scents, including gingerbread, nutmeg and scented fir.

Decorate the Communal Areas

Most rooms to let from Ashan Property are in homes with well-equipped communal areas, such as lounges, kitchens and sometimes a garden. These areas can also be decorated, Ideally together with your fellow-tenants.

If you are renting a two-storey home, then brightly-coloured garlands can be attached to banisters. The kitchen can also be made to look festive if you put magnets or taped Christmas paper on the fridge.

Ashan Property (link: has a wide selection of rooms to rent in Kettering and the neighbouring town of Corby. As Northamptonshire letting agents, we can also offer a good variety of houses to let in both these locations, and also in Desborough, Market Harborough, Thrapston and other towns and villages in the county. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, contact us and we will do all we can to find the ideal house, flat or room that meets all your requirements.