Getting to Know a New Town


Moving to an unfamiliar town might seem like a step into the unknown, but there are number of steps you can take to make the whole process of settling into a new area much simpler.

Our team at Ashan Property are experienced Northamptonshire letting agents, with a great choice of rooms to rent in Kettering and Corby. Here we look at some of the key steps you can take to familiarise yourself with your new home town.

Do Your Online Research

Many towns have their own online social media groups, which you can use to find out what is going on. A few minutes on the site should give you an idea of what the best pubs and clubs are, what the shops are like, and which are the best gyms and sports clubs to join. They should also provide you with plenty of links to other websites about the town. All of this can be done well in advance, so you can be well prepared for the first few days.

Buy a Map and Guidebook

At first, in some ways you may want to treat your new home town as if you were a tourist, and not a resident. It is a good idea to find out where all the major attractions are, how the one-way system works, if there are any bus lanes, and what the best way is to get to work or college.

Most towns will have their own guides which are usually available in local shops. These typically will contain a street map, a history of the town, a list of local businesses and much more information which is invaluable for the newcomer. Kettering’s street plan and guide also covers the neighbouring towns of Desborough, Rothwell and Burton Latimer.

Visit the Public Transport Hubs

This is essential if you don’t have your own vehicle. You may need to rely on public transport to get to and from work or college. Even if you do have your own car, there may still be times when it is off the road for a service or repairs. Think about picking up a copy of the timetable of the local bus and rail services, either from the station, a local shop or tourist information centre if there is one.

Don’t just look for the local routes either. Many bus and coach companies run services to nearby towns and villages which can be ideal for getting to know the surrounding area.

Look in at the Local Library

Libraries can be so much more than a place to read and hire out books. Most will have their own bulletin boards, listing local clubs and societies you can join. Some will host events of their own which might be of interest to you, such as a talk by a favourite author.

Many libraries will also stock copies of the local newspapers, which are an essential tool in finding out what is going on in and around your new town.

Kettering Library, in Sheep Street, is more than 100 years old and is the second largest in the whole of Northamptonshire. Corby Library is part of the town’s Cube complex in George Street. It also houses a theatre and registry office and is home to the Corby borough council.

Get to Know the Neighbours

Spending a few minutes introducing yourself to housemates and neighbours will pay dividends. Knock on their door and introduce yourself, or invite them round for a cup of tea.  They should be able to tell you more about the immediate neighbourhood as well as the whole town.

Join a Club or Society

If you have a particular pastime or hobby, you may well find there is a club devoted to it in your new town. Such societies are usually happy to welcome new members, and it gives you the chance to make friends with people who have a similar interest.

Voluntary groups are almost always on the lookout for an extra pair of helping hands. Kettering has its own Voluntary Network which can put you potential volunteers in touch with an appropriate group. Partners Corby Voluntary and Community Services fulfil a similar role.

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