Top Tips for Young People Settling into a New Town


Young people like students and apprentices and those starting a new job can easily feel lonely if they are away from home for the first time. Being on your own in a new town can seem a daunting experience if you don’t know anyone in your local area – but this will soon change when you make friends and start to feel part of the community.

At Ashan Property we offer a wide range of rooms to let in Kettering. We know a great deal about the area and here we highlight some of the steps you can take to help you settle into a new home in a town like Kettering.

Pursue Your Hobby

If you already have a hobby which you would like to continue, then find out if your new home town or area has a society devoted to your interest. Kettering has an art society, a rambling club, and a youth theatre group for those aged under 22 among its list of local groups. Joining up will improve your social life by putting you in touch with like-minded people.

Sporting Chances

If you are good at a particular sport, then most towns will have a club which you will able to join. If you just fancy trying something new, then many will offer starter sessions or coaching to help you improve. This all has the benefit of keeping you fit and healthy.

In Kettering, many of the major sporting clubs are conveniently located on the same Sports Club premises off Northampton Road. Local hockey, archery, rifle, tennis and cricket clubs all have their headquarters there.

Become a Volunteer

Another excellent way of getting to know people is to carry out voluntary work in the area. Local organisations will be pleased to see you as they are usually looking for extra people and it gives you the satisfaction of helping other people.

In the Kettering and Corby areas, the Kettering Voluntary Network is a good place to start. They have a list of organisations looking for help. Alternatively, you could look around yourself and see if any of the local charity shops would appreciate an extra pair of hands.

Sample the Nightlife

It is worth finding out about the smaller venues as well as the bigger ones. In Kettering, many comedians and bands play The Lighthouse Theatre as part of a nationwide tour. However, checking out the local entertainment scene can be just as rewarding, as pubs often have special events like quizzes or live music. In Kettering, the Old Market Inn and The Harlequin both host regular gigs by local bands, as does the Cardigan Arms at Corby.

Use the Internet

The internet can help to find what’s going on locally. You can use it not just as a research tool to find out the numbers and locations of local clubs, but also to get in touch with other people. See if there are any Facebook groups you can join and check out other social media to find out what is going on. Local newspaper and magazine sites are also great places to find out what’s happening in the area.

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