The Advantages of Renting a Room

The Advantages of Renting a Room in a Shared Property

Renting a room in a shared house or flat has a huge range of benefits over renting an entire property. More and more people are finding that the advantages that come with renting a single room suit their personal circumstances and outweigh the disadvantages of renting a whole property. Here Ashan Property, a local residential lettings company with a wide variety of rooms to let in Kettering, look at the key advantages of renting a single room.

Financial Benefits
The most obvious advantage of renting a room in a property instead of an entire flat or house is the fact that it costs far less. Bills are often included in the price of the rent too, which makes things nice and easy, with no unexpected surprises at the end of the month.

Because a single room is a more affordable option, this makes it an ideal choice for many people who need somewhere quickly and cheaply. The deposit for a single room is also far lower than when you rent a whole property.

Location and Choice
Single rooms in a shared house are popular with college and university students for the fact that there are often cheap rooms to rent near universities. Renting a room is also a popular choice for single professionals who may be on a budget or using the room as a convenient way to avoid a lengthy commute, using the room to stay close to work from Monday to Friday and then returning home for the weekends.

Taking a room in a shared property can also prove a good solution for people who are in a transition period of their life for any reason, due to relocation or a change in personal circumstances. Rooms like this can also be a great first stepping stone into the world for young people after leaving their parents’ house.

Renting a single room in a shared house also provides the opportunity to live in a wider selection of larger, attractive properties in better, more convenient locations, such as town centres, nicer neighbourhoods and properties with large gardens.

As a tenant renting a room in a shared house, you won’t ever be faced with any expensive maintenance or repair charges, like you would in your own property, because this will all be the landlord’s responsibility.

As letting agents, Ashan Property arrange for trusted contractors to take care of all maintenance issues quickly and efficiently. Our comprehensive service covers many other aspects of rental agreements, including ensuring safety compliance and arranging utility changeovers.

Good Social Life
The financial savings involved from renting a single room instead of an entire property should mean you have a bit more money to enjoy a good social life. If you’re new to an area and renting a room in a shared house, you’ll have the chance to build friendships with the other tenants who may know more about the area than you do and show you nice local restaurants, pubs, bars and the best shops.

Living with others also means you’ll always have someone under the roof to share experiences with. This can also be good for security too –the more people you live with, the higher the chance of someone being in the house.

Living with a few different people will also mean you can cook together and share meals, cutting costs even further. You will also be opening yourself up to exciting new cuisines and dishes, especially if your housemates are from different cultures or backgrounds. You will also likely meet their friends, giving you the opportunity to expand your own social circle.

Rooms to Let in Kettering
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