Choosing Letting Agents Kettering

You should never underestimate the importance of choosing the right letting agent as this makes a big difference to the overall experience of renting a property. It certainly pays to choose carefully, so the rental process goes smoothly and with the minimal amount of hassle. To ensure that you find an organisation that works for you, here Ashan Property gives some tips on what to look for when choosing between letting agents in the Kettering area.

The Importance of Letting Agents
If you are looking for flats or houses to rent in Kettering, a letting agency is the first point of contact and the service they provide will affect your rental experience. Depending on their approach, availability, provision of information, and ability to find property solutions to suit your requirements, this will make renting a home either a positive or negative experience.
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How to Choose a Letting Agent:
Many tenants choose a property based on the price and features of the property, without paying much attention to the agents who are managing the property. However, it is just as important to consider the qualities of the letting agent themselves before committing to a particular rental property. Here we list some of the key qualities which we feel can make a big difference to whether you are happy in your home or feel the need to move again quite quickly:

Track Record and Experience – How long a letting agent has been in business is a good indication of the strength of relationship it has with its customers (both landlords and tenants) and how successful the company is as a result. Another way to find out about a company’s track record is through word of mouth, or by reading their customer testimonials.

Founded in 2007, Ashan Property is an established family-run letting agency in Kettering with a reputation for providing a friendly, personal service. The firm has many long standing tenants and landlords as a result. To find out more about our quality of our service, read the customer recommendations on our testimonials page.

Tenant Focus – Look for a letting agent which is just as focused on ensuring tenants are looked after as it is on keeping their landlord clients happy. At Ashan we believe that having truly happy tenants and landlords means looking after both in equal measure – and all aspects of our service are organised with this in mind.

Quality Properties – At Ashan Property we believe in providing tenants with clean and tidy properties, so they feel fully at home. Clean, well-maintained properties mean a better letting experience and minimal hassle with maintenance issues.

Easy to Contact and Responsive – Whether it’s a billing query or a maintenance issue, your rental experience will depend on how easy it is to get in contact with your letting agent and how responsive they are to your enquiry. At Ashan Property we have a 24 hour tenant helpline to ensure property related issues are dealt with as soon as possible.

Trusted Contractors – If something breaks down or needs repair, a tenant needs to know work will be in hand. At Ashan Property, all maintenance is quickly taken care of by trusted contractors. This not only helps our tenants more feel secure, but also the landlord too as they know all work is completed to the highest standards – helping to ensure their investment is protected.

Meet Safety Regulations – Safety is a priority and at Ashan Property, we ensure our rental properties comply with current regulated safety standards, such as the provision of gas safety certificates as required by law. Complying with safety standards helps put the landlord and tenants’ minds at ease.

Respect Tenants Privacy – At Ashan Property, we understand the importance of protecting the privacy rights of our tenants, so if any work needs to be carried out on the property, we will endeavour to inform our tenants in advance.

Friendly, Personal Service – It is important that a tenant’s time is not wasted with unnecessary viewings. At Ashan Property we believe in listening to a tenant’s requirements and matching them with the right property, so we only show our tenants suitable homes to let in the Kettering area. Tenants are met at the door by one of our Ashan Property team, so they can ask all the questions they need about a property there and then, to help them decide if the home fits their requirements.

Ease of Changeover Day – Moving home can be stressful – so look for an agent who will help to make things as easy as possible on move-in day or move-out day. We provide complete inventories, written and photographic, to ensure that changeover days run smoothly and there are no landlord/tenant disputes. We also provide utility changeover (so bills are changed into the right names on handover day) and tenant deposit protection with certification.

Clear Fee Structure – Look for a letting agent whose charges are clearly stated from the outset, with no hidden charges down the line. Our fees are clear and upfront and can be viewed here.

Ashan Property – Letting Agents Kettering
At Ashan Property we believe in meeting the requirements of our tenants and landlords and have many long term clients as a result. To find out more about our property management service Kettering click here.